Welcome to Hell…’s Kitchens!

Though ambrosia and nectar are enough for sustenance for our godly friends, food can be enjoyed by all — and you don’t want to be the shade keeping Queen Persephone from her garden-fresh apple pomegranate salad, do you?

Hell’s Kitchens is a for-charity cookbook zine dedicated to Supergiant Games’ Hades. Though we all delight in the ol’ hack n’ slash, it is food that gives us the energy to dash out into the three cake tiers of Underworld time and time again — so pull up a seat, pass the sriracha, and dig in!From the deepest depths of Hell, we bring you a 8x8" wire-bound full-colour book featuring tried-and-true recipes, food-themed writing and illustrations of our godly and shade…-ly(?) faves, portals into alternate delicious universes, and that one secret ingredient – a pinch of love.

Final details to be confirmed upon conclusion of the interest check.

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This project follows Eastern time.


head, organisation, writing, social media, co-chef

‘Sup, call me Leo! I thought of the name for this zine and since then it’s taken up permanent residence in my head.


graphics, layout, co-chef

Hello, I’m Mari! Graphic designer and food enthusiast. Thanatos owns my heart.



Heya! My name is Peach, and I’m in love with Zagreus 😳 I’ll be your art mod!



Merha! I'm Asteria and I'm really excited to try the recipes from this zine 🥺 I hope you guys are too!



Food and Hades is a good combination <3

What is a "zine"?

A “zine”, short for “fanzine” or “magazine”, is a collection of creative work, usually focused on a theme or character. “Hell’s Kitchens” is a cookbook zine, and will feature recipes, food-themed illustrations and writing, and will be accompanied by merchandise.

Is this project for-profit or for-charity?

This fanzine will be for charity, meaning excess funds will be donated to a charity chosen by our contributors.All contributors are guaranteed a digital PDF of the zine and the chance to purchase physical items at production price. Hell’s Kitchens aims to compensate contributors with all physical items (zine + merch) and shipping, should profits allow.

Will there be ships in the zine? What about AUs?

Both ship and AU content will feature in Hell's Kitchens! We wouldn’t want to deprive you good shades of food critic Hades, or diner-bar owners Eurydice and Orpheus, or fisherman-chef Zagreus who is a genius at fish dishes (and burns everything else to a crisp), would we?

…How about NSFW content? 👀

Hell’s Kitchens is fully SFW. Keep your clothes on near hot flames!

I have a question that hasn’t been answered here.

The Head Chef has all the answers you seek! In exchange for a River Denizen, of course, nothing is free in Hell...We jest – gotta make our own fun around here. Hit us up via Twitter, Retrospring, or email (hade[email protected])!(Also the fish offering isn’t… unwelcome.)

Intrigued by the aromas wafting from the kitchens, dear shade? Thank you for your interest in applying to Hell’s Kitchens. This project will see two rounds of applications: chef applications from September 9 – October 7, and general (page, merch, writer) applications from October 14 – November 11.We are looking for 8 chefs, 20 page artists, 5 writers, and 6 merch artists to join our kitchen staff.Any updates or changes will be posted to our Twitter, should you be interested in following along!

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age by the date application results are sent out: October 14 for chef applicants, November 18 for general applicants.

  • Hell’s Kitchens will not be accepting applicants who:

  • engage in, with, or create racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic behaviour or content;

  • engage in harassment;

  • have a history of theft (art tracing, plagiarism, copying, etc)

  • All accepted applicants are expected to have a Discord account, communicate openly with mods, meet deadlines in a timely manner, and adhere to zine policy.

Portfolio Guidelines

  • Submitted portfolios must be easily accessible. We prefer a Google Drive folder, though other portfolio-hosting websites such as Carrd, Wix, or AO3 are perfectly fine as well.

  • If using Google Drive, please ensure link sharing is set to “Anyone can view”, and that your link is to the Drive folder and not one of the files within.

  • Please check submitted links in an Incognito window to ensure full accessibility to your portfolio and samples.

  • Portfolio pieces should be of the same quality and style as the work you intend to create for the zine.

  • NSFW or sexually-explicit works should be placed into a separate labelled folder or otherwise excluded from your portfolio.

  • As this is a SFW zine, NSFW samples may not be evaluated, so please be sure to include SFW works that showcase your skill!

  • Please warn for gore, extreme violence/blood, and character death.

Chef Guidelines

  • Chef applications take place September 9 – October 7. We intend for chefs’ recipes to feature spot illustrations, thus the separate earlier application period.

  • Chef applicants must submit 3-10 original recipes in a curated portfolio. Recipes should feature serving sizes and both metric and imperial measurements.

  • Photos of finished dishes may be included to supplement your application!

  • Accepted chefs will be expected to create 3 original Hades game-themed recipes for the zine.

  • Chefs will be paired up with page artists, who will draw spot illustrations for their recipes. They are expected to communicate regularly with their collab artists and meet deadlines to allow their partners adequate time to create.

  • In order to pair up artists to chefs, accepted chefs must have confirmed recipe concepts (and ideally rough drafts) by November 17.

  • Chefs are not expected contribute dish photos to the zine, though we ask for photos of their dishes to serve as references for their spot artists. These are not required to be high quality photographs, and are merely to ensure the spot illustration matches the dish as envisioned by the chef.

Page Artist Guidelines

  • Page artist applicants must submit 5-15 of their best works in a curated portfolio.

  • At least one portfolio sample should feature a full background (not flat colour/graphics/patterns). At least one sample illustration should feature food. These may be the same sample, if applicable!

  • Spot illustrations may be included to supplement your application.

  • Hades samples are encouraged, but not required!

  • Accepted page artists are expected to create 1 full illustration and spot art for 1 recipe.

  • Page artists will be paired up with chefs, and will draw spot illustrations for their recipes. They are expected to communicate regularly with their collab partners.

Writer Guidelines

  • Writer applicants must submit 3-5 samples of their best works in a curated portfolio. Each sample must be no less than 1K words and no more 2.5K words.

  • Excerpts of longer pieces may be submitted, but at least 1 sample must be a self-contained, standalone story within the word count.

  • Hades samples are encouraged, but not required!

  • Accepted writers are expected to create 1 fic of 1.5K words.

Merch Artist Guidelines

  • Merch artist applicants must submit 5-15 of their best works in a curated portfolio.

  • Applicants will be asked to check off merch items they are interested in creating. Portfolio samples do not need to be merch items, but should still reflect the style one will use for the merch items selected.

  • Hades samples are encouraged, but not required!

  • Photos of physical merch items designed by you may be included to supplement your application.

  • Accepted merch artists are expected to create 2-3 merch items.

  • Please note that some assigned items may be stretch goals, and may not be produced in the event the goal is not hit.